the good. the bad. and the hoppy.

Passionate about hops and Belgians. Beer is a beautiful thing; it brings us together. I document the beers we should share and love, and the ones that might need some work. I live in the biggest beer city in America: These are my beer stories and reviews.

La Citrueille Celeste, a collaboration between The Bruery, Elysian and Stone brewed with pumpkin, yams, fenugreek, lemon verbena and birch bark… WOW!  It is very complex and dry, definitely not for everyone.  A dry toastiness throughout becoming more apparent at the finish with a subtle coffee malt as well.  I am curious as to how it tasted fresh/if the was a notable difference.   This beer is growing on me as I write to you…  I am very happy to have cellared this to enjoy on this August evening.
  • 12 August 2012
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